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Lavender Hydrosol (100% Pure Organic) Great as a face toner, aftershave and soothing to sunburn.  Safe for your pets !

Lavender Hydrosol (100% Pure Organic)

  • Suffering from sunburned, itchy, or dry skin? To alleviate these symptoms, spray affected areas liberally with Lavender Hydrosol. Gently and dramatically treat your skin to the calming effects of lavender and its healing properties. With many uses, one can also apply this product as an aftershave, ironing spray, bath scent, or home mist. Enjoy lavender's relaxing and anxiety-relieving benefits as you mist your pillow before bedtime. See? Things are looking better already! Enjoy!! (Organic, pH 4.5 no additives, chemicals, synthetics, or preservatives; bacteria-free)
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