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About Us

A Note From The Owner

I started to experiment with soap-making when I discovered I was allergic to man-made fragrances.  I began to research lavender and was amazed to discover its healing and aromatherapeutic properties.  


It has taken me many years and many batches of soap in order to create the perfect combination of scents -- or flavors as I refer to them. 


At Bay Lavender Trading Co., we strive to create a fabulous shopping experience in our store, with the Lake Michigan beach right down the street and the smell of lavender drifting towards passersby on the street.  We aim to recreate the experience of coming into our store on this website and hope that it is reminiscent of a walk through our store, garden, and down the street to the beach.  


I truly think my products will do wonders for your skin.  Give them a try and thank you so much for shopping with us! 


- Beverly "Cookie" Thatcher

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