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Soap Cupcakes...and 100% calorie free! A loofa (or poof) is stuck halfway inside the lavender scented soap, wrapped in a cupcake paper, and it appears to be as cute as a cupcake! A terrific party favor or hostess gift !

Poofs/Loofas available in Pink, Blue/Turquoise, Lime Green, White, or Purple

Cupcake wrappers available in Leopard, Pink, Blue, Zebra, Orange, Pirate, Green, Flip-Flop, or Purple

Email us before or after you order with the specifics on which colors you'd like to customize your cupcake in or let it be a surprise!


  • Soap cupcakes make a fantastic shower or wedding favor, host/hostess gift, or a treat for yourself! Email or call us for a large order or with specifics for the cupcakes!
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